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Books, book chapters, dissertations


Heipke, C.; Müller, J.; Schultze, K. (2011): Ausbildung und Qualifikationswege. In: Kummer K., Frankenberger J. (Eds.): Das deutsche Vermessungs- und Geoinformationswesen. Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg, 402 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-87907-498-3, S. 341-359.  | file |

Peer reviewed journal papers


Helmholz, P.; Becker, C.; Breitkopf, U.; Büschenfeld, T.; Busch, A.; Braun, C.; Grünreich, D.; Müller, S.; Ostermann, J.; Pahl, M.; Rottensteiner, F.; Vogt, K.; Ziems, M.; Heipke, C. (2012): Semi-automatic quality control of topographic data sets. In: Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 78(9): 959-972, 2012. more ...


Büscher, O. ; Buck, O. ; Lohmann, P. ; Hofmann, P.; Müller,S.; Schenkel,R; Weise,C. (2008): Einsatz von Change Detection Methoden zur Fortführung von DeCOVER Objektarten. In: PFG (2008), Nr. 5, S. 395-407  | file |


Mota, G. L. A. ; Feitosa, R. Q. ; Coutinho, H. L. C. ; Liedtke, C. - E. ; Müller, S. ; Pakzad, K. ; Meirelles, M. S. P. (2007): Multitemporal fuzzy classification model based on class transition possibilities. In: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 62 (2007), Nr. 3, S. 186-200  | file |


Busch, A.;Gerke, M.;Grünreich, D.;Heipke, C.;Liedtke, C.;Müller, S. (2005): Automatisierte Verifikation topographischer Geoinformation unter Nutzung optischer Fernerkundungsdaten. In: PFG (2005), Nr. 2, S. 111- 122  | file |

Non-reviewed journal articles


Heipke, C.;Liedtke, C.;Gerke, M.;Müller, S.;Weis, M. (2005): Mix and match for quality. In: Geospatial Today 3 (2005), Nr. 7, S. 26-29  | file |

Invited conference contributions, Festschrift


Lohmann,P.; Hofmann,P.; Müller,S. (2008): Updating GIS by object-based change detection, In: Schiewe, J., Michel, U. (Eds.): Geoinformatics paves the Highway to Digital Earth, Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstag von Prof. M. Ehlers (2008), Nr. 8, S. 81-86  | file |

Non-reviewed conference papers


Müller, S.; Steensen, T.; Büscher, O.; Jandewerth, M. (2014): Preparation of a Biomass Potential Map. In: Proceedings of the 28th International Conference Informatics for Environmental Protection (EnviroInfo), September 10-12, 2014, Oldenburg, Germany, pp. 55-62  | file |

Steensen, T.; Müller, S.; Jandewerth, M.; Büscher, O. (2014): MAPPING BIOMASS AVAILABILITY TO DECREASE THE DEPENDENCY ON FOSSIL FUELS. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XL-7, ISPRS Technical Commission VII Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2014, pp. 165-171  | file |


Müller, S.; Büscher, O.; Jandewerth, M. (2013): Estimation of Biomass potential based on classification and height information. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XL-1/W1, Hannover, 2013, 6 S.  | file |


Beyen, J.; Ziems, M.; Müller, S.; Roovers, S.; Heipke, C. (2012): Semi-automatic update and quality control of road databases. In GEOBIA 2012, fourth international conference on Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis . May 2012, Proceedings, pp. 443-448  | file |

Helmholz, P.; Büschenfeld, T.; Breitkopf, U.; Müller, S.; Rottensteiner, F. (2012): Multitemporal quality assessment of grassland and cropland objects of a topographic dataset. In: International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences XXIX-B4, S. 67-72, 2012.  | file |


Hoberg, T.; Müller, S. (2011): Multitemporal Crop Type Classification Using Conditional Random Fields and RapidEye Data. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XXXVIII-4/W19, Hannover, 2011, 7 S., CD  | file |

Recio, J.A.; Helmholz, P.; Müller, S. (2011): Potential Evaluation of Different Types Of Images and Their Combination for the Classification of Gis Objects Cropland and Grassland. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XXXVIII-4/W19, Hannover, 2011, 7 S., CD  | file |

Ziems, M.; Beyen, J.; Müller, S.; Roovers, S.; Heipke, C. (2011): Multiple-Model based update of Belgian reference road database. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XXXVIII, part 4, Guilin, China, 2011, pp. 73-80, (on CD-ROM)  | file |


Helmholz, P.; Becker, C.; Breitkopf, U.; Büschenfeld, T.; Busch, A.; Grünreich, D.; Heipke, C.; Müller, S.; Ostermann, J.; Pahl, M.; Vogt, K.; Ziems M. (2010): Semiautomatic Quality Control of Topographic Reference Datasets. In: IntArchPhRS vol. XXXVIII, part 4, Orlando, 2010, 6 S., (on CD-ROM)  | file |

Müller, S.; Heipke, C.; Pakzad, K. (2010): Classification of farmland using multitemporal aerial images, In: IntArchPhRS vol. XXXVIII-4-8-2/W9, Haifa, 2010, p. 70-74 (on CD-ROM)  | file |

Wegner, J.D.; Nezam, S.; Müller, S.; Soergel, U. (2010): Comparison of land cover classification using high-resolution TerraSAR-X and optical imagery: 8th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar. Aachen, 2010, S. 238 - 241.  | file |


Müller, S.; Heipke, C. (2009): Object-Based Verification and Update of a Large-scale Topographic Database: IntArchPhRS (38), Part 1-4-7/WS, Hannover, 6 S., CD  | file |

Oliveira, D. A. B.; Müller, S.; Ziems, M.; Helmholz, P.; da Costa, G. A. O. P.; Feitosa, R. Q. (2009): Semi-Automatic Verification of Two Brazilian GIS Databases: XIV Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium (SBSR), Natal, 2009.  | file |


Becker, C.; Ziems, M.; Büschenfeld, T.; Heipke, C.; Müller, S.; Ostermann, J.; Pahl, M. (2008): Multi-hierarchical quality assessment of geospatial data: IntArchPhRS. Band XXXVII Teil B2. Peking, 2008, S. 779-785  | file |

Hofmann, P. ; Lohmann, P. ; Müller, S. (2008): Change detection by object-based change indications: EARSeL Workshop 'Remote Sensing for Developing Countries in Conjunction with GISDECO 08'. Istanbul, 2008, 15 S., CD  | file |

Hofmann, P.; Lohmann, P.; Müller, S. (2008): Concepts of an object-based change detection process chain for GIS update: IntArchPhRS. Band XXXVII Teil B4. Peking, 2008, S. 305-312  | file |


Helmholz, P.; Becker, C.; Heipke, C.; Müller, S.; Ostermann, J.; Pahl, M.; Ziems, M. (2007): Semi-automatic verification of geodata for quality management and updating of GIS: IntArchPhRS XXXVI. Band 4/W54. Urumchi, 2007, S. 9-13  | file |


Busch, A.;Gerke, M.;Grünreich, D.;Heipke, C.;Helmholz, P.;Liedtke, C. E.;Müller, S. (2006): Automated Verification of a Topographic Reference Dataset using IKONOS Imagery: IntArchPhRS. Band XXXVI/4. Goa, 2006, S. 134-139  | file |



Heipke, C.; Jacobsen, K.; Rottensteiner, F.; Müller, S.; Soergel, U. (Eds.) (2011): ISPRS Hannover Workshop: High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information: Proceedings: IntArchPhRS XXXVIII-4/W19/WS. Hannover, 2011, CD more ...


Heipke C., Jacobsen K., Müller S., Soergel U. (Eds.) (2010): High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information. In: PE&RS 76 (2010) Nr. 9, S. 1005-1006.  | file |


Heipke, C.; Jacobsen, K.; Müller, S.; Soergel, U. (Hrsg.) (2009): ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2009: High-Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information: IntArchPhRS (38), Part 1-4-7/WS, Hannover, CD more ...

Other contributions


Heipke, C.;Gerke, M.;Liedtke, C.;Müller, S.;Weis, M. (2003): Der neue Blick von oben. In: Unimagazin, Themenheft „Virtuelle Welten“ 3/4 (2003), 12-15  | file |