Institut für Photogrammetrie und GeoInformation wurde ausgezeichnet !

Institut für Photogrammetrie und GeoInformation wurde ausgezeichnet !

Institute of Photogrammetry Awarded

In view of the exceptional value it has added towards development of geospatial science, The Institute of Photogrammetry (IPI), University of Hannover will be congratulated by GIS Development with the award for ''''Building Geospatial Capacities and Knowledge Network'''' during the inaugural ceremony of Map World Forum on February 10, 2009 at Hyderabad, India. Prof. Christian Heipke, current Head of IPI along with the past heads - Prof. Gottfried Konecny and Dr. Karsten Jacobsen will receive the honor on behalf of the Institute.

The Institute of Photogrammetry, University of Hannover has contributed significantly towards development of photogrammetry and remote sensing tools for more than half century. This in turn has become a standard input for creating high resolution and updated geospatial content.

Institute of Photogrammetry has persistently kept on its mission to undertake research, develop technologies and impart knowledge to a large number of students, who could further pursue the advocacy and practices of photogrammetry and remote sensing in various fields of development and management of earth and its resources. Professionals educated at and associated with Institute of photogrammetry, University of Hannover have been actively engaged in and practicing as geospatial professionals in different capacities with many companies, institutions, survey and mapping organizations and multilateral agencies, and in turn, serving the geospatial community worldwide.

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