ISPRS Hannover Workshop, June 06 - 09, 2017

ISPRS Hannover Workshop, June 06 - 09, 2017

Sensor calibration, image orientation, object extraction and scene understanding from images and image sequences are important research topics in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Computer Vision and Geoinformation Science. In these tasks, geometry and semantics both play an important role, and high quality results require proper handling of all these aspects. While individual algorithms differ according to the imaging geometry and the employed sensors and platforms, all mentioned aspects need to be integrated in a proper workflow to solve most real-world problems.

This observation has led to launching a common event for a number of well-established scientific meetings under the roof of the ISPRS Hannover Workshop. While HRIGI and EuroCOW are more on the geometric side, CMRT and ISA have a legacy in automatic object reconstruction and trajectory computation. 

The deadline for full papers is Jan. 31, 2017, the deadline for abstracts is Feb. 28, 2017. More information is available at

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