Erfolgsversprechende Ergebnisse beim zweiten FZ:GEO Hackathon

Promising results on 2nd FZ:GEO Hackathon

Screenshot during the 2nd FZ:GEO Hackathon "Hack the Rock", including some of the participants.

"The rock has been hacked successfully"

On March 1st/2nd, 2021 more than 30 geoscientists, geodesists and computer scientists met online to tackle two machine learning challenges together. The hackathon was open to researchers and students of all skill levels. In groups of 3-5 persons codes were developed to solve two geoscientific challenges.

The first task was to develop novel machine learning approaches for the prediction of soil erosion by water based on soil erosion data from several localities. The second task was related to the detection of controlling features of precious metal deposits based on mineralogical and geochemical data of drill cores from various sensors.

Using various machine learning approaches, all groups produced promising results, which will very likely lead to joint publications and future research projects. The FZ:GEO thanks all the participants for a not just a productive, but also entertaining and fun event!

(source: FZ:GEO)

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