Contact person: C. Heipke

  • Multi-sensor geometry 
  • Image orientation and bundle adjustment
  • Image matching

Earth observation

Contact person: M. Motagh

  • Processing and analysis of SAR and laser scanner data
  • SAR Interferometry
  • Fusion of different image data 

Photogrammetric image analysis

Contact person: F. Rottensteiner

  • Recognition and 3D reconstruction of topographic objects
  • Multi-temporal, multi-scale and multi-sensor interpretation
  • Quality control and update of geospatial data

Image sequence analysis

Contact person: N.N.

  • Structure from motion
  • 3D reconstruction of objects from image sequences
  • Tracking of features and objects

Close range photogrammetry

Contact person: M. Wiggenhagen

  • Investigation of digital image sensors
  • 3D object reconstruction from image sequences
  • Applications in industry and architecture

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