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Books, book chapters, dissertations

Wiggenhagen, M. (2000): Feuerwehreinsatzplanung in Gebäuden, Fachbeitrag im Buch: ArcView GIS, GIS-Arbeitsbuch, Liebig/Schaller, Wichmann Verlag, 2000, S.58-71  | file |

Peer reviewed journal papers

Heipke, C., Pakzad, K., Straub, B.-M. (2000): 2000, Image Analysis for GIS Data Acquisition, Photogrammetric Record, 16(96), 2000, S.963-985. also in: Geodecska Sluzba, Casopis za Geodeziju, Karsografiju I Kasasar Zemlika (Geodetic Services, Journal of Geodesy, Cartography and Mapping), Vol. XXX (86), 2000, S.5-29, Belgrad (in serbisch)  | file |

Peer reviewed conference papers

Straub, B.-M., Wiedemann, C. (2000): Towards the update of geodata by automatic object extraction. In Serpico S.B. (ed.), SPIE (4170), Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing VI. 2000, S.304-315

Wegmüller U., Strozzi T., Werner C., Wiesmann A., Benecke N., Spreckels V. (2000): Monitoring of mining-induced surface deformation in the Ruhrgebiet (Germany) with SAR interferometry, Proceedings, IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Honolulu, 2000, 3 S., CD  | file |

Invited conference contributions, Festschrift

Jacobsen K. (2000): Vom Digitalen Bild bis zum Orthophoto auf dem Laptop, Festschrift Wrobel, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2000  | file |

Non-reviewed conference papers

 (2000): Geodata and Information Systems – a German Perspective, U.N.Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, UN Sekretariat, paper E/CONF.92/L28, 2000,  | file |

Büyüksalih, G.; Jacobsen, K. (2000): Geometric Aspects of MOMS-2P Three-Line Imagery for Mapping Applications, Annual Meeting of the Remote Sensing Society, RSS2000, Leicester, UK, CD  | file |

Heipke C., Jacobsen K., Wegmann H., Andersen Ø., Nilsen B. (2000): Integrated Sensor Orientation - an OEEPE test, Proceedings, IntArchPhRSXXXIII B3/1, 2000, S.373-380  | file |

Heipke C., Piechullek C., Ebner H. (2000): Simulation Studies and practical Tests using Multi Image Shape from Shading, Proceedings, IntArchPhRSXXXIII B3/2, 2000, S.724-731.  | file |

Heuel S., Förstner W., Lang F. (2000): Topological and geometrical Reasoning in 3D grouping for reconstructiong polyhedral surfaces, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B3/1, 2000, S.397-404.  | file |

Jacobsen K. (2000): Combined Bundle Block Adjustment Versus Sensor Orientation, ASPRS Annual Convention, Washington, 2000, CD  | file |

Jacobsen K. (2000): Potential and Limitation of Direct Sensor Orientation, IntArchPhRS XXXIII, B3/1, 2000, S.429-435  | file |

Karanja F., Lohmann P. (2000): The Contribution of GIS and Remote Sensing in Urban Land use Negotiation in Developing Countries, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B7/2, 2000, S.646-653  | file |

Koch A. (2000): Genauigkeitsanalyse Digitaler Geländemodelle für die Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), Publikationen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung (DGPF), Jörg Albertz (Hrsg.),Bd.9, Berlin, 2000, S.237-244  | file |

Koch A., Lohmann P. (2000): Quality Assessment and Validation of Digital Surface Models Derived from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), IntArchPhRS XXXIII, Ergänzungsband, 2000  | file |

Konecny G. (2000): Geodata and Information Systems – a Vision for the Next Century, IntArchPhRS XXXII, Com VI, Ljubljana, 2000  | file |

Konecny G. (2000): Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Support of GDI, in R. Groot & J. McLaughlin, "Geospatial Data Infrastructure", Oxford University Press, 2000, S.195-216  | file |

Konecny G. (2000): International Technical Cooperation in the Geoinformatics Field, EARSeL Workshop, Gent, 2000  | file |

Konecny G. (2000): Mapping from Space, NATO Conference, in: M.F. Buchroithner (ed.) "Remote Sensing for Environment Data in Albania: A Strategy for Integrated Management", Kluwer Academic Publishers, Amsterdam, 2000, S.41-58  | file |

Lohmann P., Koch A., Schaeffer M. (2000): Approaches to the Filtering of Laser Scanner Data, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B3/1, 2000, S.534-541  | file |

Ohlhof T., Emge T., Reinhardt W., Leukert K., Heipke C., Pakzad K. (2000): Generation and Update of Map Data using Satellite and Airborne Imagery, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B4/2, 2007, S.762-768  | file |

Ohlhof T., Emge T., Reinhardt W., Leukert K., Heipke C., Pakzad K. (2000): Generation and Update of VMap Data using Satellite and Airorne Imagery, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B4/2, 2000, S.762-768  | file |

Pakzad K., Heipke C. (2000): Knowledge Based Interpretation of Moorland in Aerial Images, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B7/3, 2000, S.1103-1110  | file |

Pollak B., Jacobsen K. (2000): Automatic measurement of sewer man-HOLEs in large scale aerial images, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B2, 2000, S.438-442  | file |

Spreckels V. (2000): Monitoring of Coal Mining Subsidence by HRSC-A DATA.IntArchPhRS XXXIII.2000,  | file |

Straub, B.-M., Gerke, M., Wiedemann, C. (2000): Updating Geodata by Automatic Object Extraction - Modelling Uncertainties, Publikationen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung, Band 9, Jörg Albertz, (Hrsg.), 2000, S.195-203  | file |

Straub, B.-M., Wiedemann C., Heipke C. (2000): Towards the automatic interpretation of images for gis update, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B2, 2000, S.521-532  | file |

Tang L., Dörstel C., Jacobsen K., Heipke C., Hinz A. (2000): Geometric Accuracy Potential of the Digital Modular Camera, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B4/3, 2000, S.1051-1057  | file |

Wiggenhagen M. (2000): Development of Real-Time Visualization Tools for the Quality Control of Digital Terrain Models and Orthoimages, IntArchPhRS XXXIII B2, 2000, S.521-532  | file |

Other contributions

Heipke C. (2000): Professor Dr.-Ing. mult. Gottfried Konecny zum 70. Geburtstag, ZfV (125) 6, 2000, S.218-220  | file |

Heipke, C. (2000): Zwei Festkolloquien zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Gottfried Konecny, PFG 5, 2000, S.372  | file |

Jacobsen, K. (2000): Examples of Topographic Maps produced from Space and Achieved Accuracy, Internal Report, Institut für Photogrammetrie und GeoInformatik , 2000, 11 S.  | file |