Activities of the Institute

Over the last 50 years aerial photogrammetry has become the standard data acquisition tool for creating topographic maps. Today, photogrammetric and remote sensing applications range from measure, inspection, and documentation tasks in industry, architecture, and medicine to the acquisition and updating of geo data from aerial and satellite imagery, and the mapping of the planets of our solar system. To master these challenges our people work closely together with experts of the other surveying disciplines, physicists, computer scientists, electrical engineers, and geo scientists.


  • Digital image processing
  • Fundamentals of photogrammetry
  • Automatic image interpretation
  • Satellite remote sensing
  • Photogrammetry and Geographic Information Systems


  • Geometric aspects of sensors and images
  • Interpretion of remote sensing data
  • Automatic image interpretation
  • Close range photogrammetry

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What is Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing?
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