IPI offers a Post-Doc position

For many years image interpretion has been main focus of research at IPI. the Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation. In national and international co-operations we develop novel methods for the acquisition and update of topographic objects from aerial and satellite images. In this regard the connection to GIS (Geographical Information Systems) plays an important role. More information about IPI can be found on our web sites, http://www.ipi.uni-hannover.de


We are currently looking for a

 Post-Doc (TVöD-L 13)

to lead the research group Automatic Image Interpretation.

The position is currently limited to 5 years.


Expectations and tasks

You are interested in working at a university and have proven that you have the necessary your capabilities in the course of your PhD studies. You would like to pursue a scientific career and want to organise your activities in teaching and research independently in order to obtain further qualifications.

As the leader of the research group Automatic Image Interpretation, which currently consists of 5 PhD students from different countries, you are their technical supervisor and accompany them during their studies. Besides you are active in teaching and acquiring the necessary grants forming the financial basis of research at IPI. 



You have an M.Sc. degree in photogrammetry, remote sensing, computer science, electrical engineering or a related field and a PhD degree with distinctions. In addition, you have a list of international publications to your name.

Within the given legal context the Leibniz Universität Hannover wants to support women in their careers and therefore particularly requests qualified women to apply for the position.

Screening will begin on Jan 1, 2008 and will continue until a suitable candidate has been found.

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