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IPI successful at ISPRS Congress in Melbourne

IPI successful at ISPRS Congress in Melbourne

Once again IPI members have been very successful at the ISPRS Wold Congress:

  • Prof. Christian Heipke received the Frederick J. Doyle Award for outstanding and sustained qualities in the profession worthy of being emulated for inspiring new engineers and scientists for having made significant accomplishments in advancing the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences and technologies.
  • Prof. Uwe Sörgel and PD Dr.techn. Franz Rottensteiner were awarded the President’s Citation for dedicated and successful leadership of an ISPRS working group between 2008 und 2012.
  • Alena Schmidt, Franz Rottensteiner and Uwe Sörgel received the Best Poster Award of Commission III.

Picture above: Fred J. Doyle Jr. (left) presents the Doyle Award to Christian Heipke
Picture below: The recipients of the President’s Citation, Franz Rottensteiner (2nd left) and Uwe Sörgel (right)

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