Validation of DEM derived from high-resolution satellite SAR data (2012)

Team:  A. Schunert
Year:  2012
Duration:  since July 2009
Is Finished:  yes

In the framework of ISPRS WG VII/2 "SAR Interferometry" the IPI is involved in leadership and organization of an international scentific project. The aim is the validation of DEM derived from SAR data. Twelve intentional groups of scientists process the data using various techniques (e.g., SAR Interferometry, Multi-Baseline SAR Interferometry, Radargrammetry including Stereo) and validate results by comparison with independent ground truth.

DLR has provided about 100 TerraSAR-X images of several urban sites for the project. Furthermore, we plan to investigate DEM of urban scenes from the current TanDEM-X mission of DLR and infotrra (single-pass InSAR by bistatic measurements of satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X), which shall result in a global DEM of unprecedented quality.

ISPRS Working Group VII/2 SAR Interferometry