Research Projects


  • Use of high resolution stereo imagery for environmental monitoring of mining activities in Ruhrgebiet (1999)
    Team: Karsten Jacobsen
    Year: 1999
    Funding: DLR
    Duration: 01.11.1997 bis 31.07.1999
  • Monitoring of soil motion caused by coal mining by means of high resolution satellite imagery and airborne laser scanner data (2001)
    Team: Karsten Jacobsen
    Year: 2001
    Duration: 01.08.1999 bis 31.01.2001
  • Geometric aspects of digital frame cameras for aerial photogrammetry (2009)
    Team: Karsten Jacobsen
    Year: 2009
    Duration: since February 1999


  • Geometric & Semantic Analysis of Space Imagery for Topographic Mapping & Database Construction of Selected Experimental Test Area in Turkey (2005)
    Team: Karsten Jacobsen
    Year: 2005
    Funding: Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), International Bureau Jülich Research Center Germany
    Duration: 2002-2005